New Penalties on Traffic Offences will be Effective from July 15th


A statement issued by the police reveals that the government has taken steps to increase the motor traffic penalties.
The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation have amended the fine imposed on motor traffic. According to the Motor Traffic Act, steps have been taken to increase the spot fine on 33 motor traffic offences from the 15th. Accordingly, the spot fines for 33 traffic offences have been increased by 30-50 percent. A special gazette has been published on the 15th of January this year.
The police say that steps will be taken to issue new adjustment fine for the previous offences which already filed in the courts. Accordingly, regarding the spot fines, the high-speed fine is Rs. 3000 and the fine of Rs. 2,000 has been imposed on the violation of road traffic rules. Further fine for drivers who ignore police orders is Rs. 2,000 and fine imposed for the vehicles which parked without precautionary measures will be 2000 rupees. Also, a fine of Rs. 2,000 is charged on consulting without a consultant’s license, and the fine on the non-disclosure of the revenue license has increased to Rs 1000. Further, spot fine would increase to Rs.1000 on a vehicle, issuing excessive noise, stopping unnecessarily on the road, not wearing a helmet, not wearing seat belts and disobeying road signs.
The Police Media Unit states that the printing of new fine sheets which due to being imposed since 15th July has already been completed and given to all police stations.

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