Lankan Girls and Women Forced to Sex Slavery – US Human Trafficking Report Reveal


Women and girls from Lanka, Philippines, Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan and China are subjected to sex slaveryg in Afghanistan and India the a report released by the US Department of State reveal.

The 2018 Trafficking in Persons Report released last week by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo at the State Department headquarters in Washington, reveals that the victims have been smuggled to countries like India and Afghanistan under the pretense of high-paying employment opportunities. It explains that labor recruiting agencies lure foreign workers to Afghanistan including from Lanka, Nepal, India, Iran, Pakistan and Tajikistan; the recruiters subject these migrants to forced labor after arrival. The report further say that Burmese Rohingya, Lankan Tamil and other refugee populations continue to be vulnerable to sex trafficking and forced labor in India.

It is also known that Lankan women are subjected to forced prostitution in Cyprus, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and many other countries. In many occasions, domestic workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have been reportedly forced into prostitution in Jordan after fleeing their employers.Continuously events of sex crimes when Lankan housemaids were victims reported. Dozens of dead bodies were sent to the island no proper action taken by the governments to secure foreign workers by means of legal provisions. At least the authorities did not follow the example of other few countries who decided to stop sending housemaids to the countries where their women were harassed.


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