Stop Beating Around the Bush, Find Out Reasons of Wijayakala’s Statement


State Minister Wijayakala Maheswaran resigned in the wake of her recent controversial statement regarding the LTTE. We need to find out the reason behind the statement by Minister Wijayakala about resurrecting LTTE to protect the freedom of Tamil people.
Pubudu Jayagoda, Education Secretary of Front Line Socialist Party commenting on the development said that attention should also be drawn to the politics who is making this statement misused as polling benefits.
Although there has been various views against the state minister’s expression, the Secretary of Education of FLSP says that the discussion addressed to solve Tamil people’s issues is important.
Below is some views expressed by Pubudu Jagoda recently:
“We should not worry about Wijayakala’s statement. Wijayakala is an affiliated far right politician who gets access and privileges from the government. She is making such statements for the sake of political gains. The issue is that she had an audience in the North lined up behind what she says. It seems that we have neglected the duties and responsibilities of all of us to create an honorable peace in place of a tomb after the war. This is why we should be worried.
What we have to do now is to bring forward the Politics that reject and challenged by oppressed from the north, the proletariat and the progressives from the north. Instead of playing political speech games and going for narrow political gains, it is vital to develop a fraternal dialogue between the North and the South. However many people in places like facebook, do the opposite. “

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