Government Thugs Attacked the Education Sector Employee Protest in front of the Education Ministry. 

Many schools across the country were closed yesterday (4) due to a strike conducted by trade unions in the education sector, reliable sources say.
1000’s of Principals, teachers and several other officers protested as the government has been giving appointments in the educational sector for the people who punished with political revenge. The protest march has started from the Palawatta Buddadasa Stadium to the Ministry of Education. Therefore, the Kottawa-Borella road 174bus route had a massive traffic jam.
The protesters made arrangements to provide a message to the Minister of Education, but the Minister of Education was not present at the ministry. It is reported that a group of thugs who attacked the demonstration were work for the government. The General Secretary of the Ceylon Teachers Union Joseph Stalin said that the token strike and the protest were very successful. It was reported that more people in the field of education attended to the strike.

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