‘New York Times’ Reveals Mahinda Rajapaksha’s Shady Deals With China ! (Update)

3 years after Mahinda Rajapaksha loosing his power, the New York Times has revealed his shady deals with China. An article on 25th of June in this paper mentioned that the ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksha had received 7.6 million dollars which should have been given to Sri Lanka from China and those money had been later used for the 2015 Presidential election. The Times paper further says that, in a situation where India was not interested in to do investment for the project of Hambanthota Harbour, Mahinda Rajapaksha was striving to get Chaina in to the project. To achieve his target, Mahinda Rajapaksha had inculcated the idea to China to use Hambanthota Harbour as one of the main centres of China’s projects in the Indian Ocean.
Even if India was involving to do some development projects in Sri Lanka under the American guidance, the friendship between America and Mahinda Rajapaksha regime faded to be oblivion as soon as China became the main partner of Sri Lanka’s economy. Later The Mahinda Rajapaksha fraction accused of America and other western diplomatic missions that they played a vital role to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksha in 2015. .
Due to selfish rulers’ short-sighted activities like this of our country, Sri Lanka woul be on the brink of a battlefield of the power among the powerful countries in the world eventually.
The news story of NYT could be approached using the Link below