Have Patience Until Bond Scam Deals Exposed – Speaker Tells the Parliament


Speaker Karu Jayasooriya requested both government and opposition MPs to refrain from mud slinging at each other until special presidential commission report regarding the bond scam is submitted. Even though presidential secretary has submitted the report to the MPs in the parliament, later it was understood that sections of the report has not reached them. Subsequently speaker has requested the full report to be submitted to the parliament. It was revealed sections from C-350 to C-360 were not submitted earlier. But speaker has requested the full report including sections from C-1 to C-349. Responding to the request presidential secretary Austin Fernando has informed the speaker that they have sought solicitor generals’ advice regarding full investigation report submission to the parliament.
However, parliament being the primary institution with regard to formulate laws and responsible of monetary matters of the country it is questionable why report is not fully disclose to the parliament and sought solicitor general department advises.