Worker Struggle Centre Demands Rs.10,000 Pay Hike!


In an attempt to seek some relief from the ongoing economic hardships face by the people Worker Struggle Centre demands Rs.10,000 pay rise in public , private and estate sectors. In a letter sent to Finance minister Mangala Samaraweera organisational secretary of the Centre of Workers Struggle Duminda Nagamuwa has requested the demand which was also copied to the president, Prime minister, minister of labour, all unions and to the media.

Excerpts from the letter are as follows.

Politicians promised a Rs.10,000 salary increase to state sector employees in 2010. Subsequently in 2015 this was added to pay package but as an additional payment which was not part of basic pay. Government has promised to do so in 2020 thereby taking 10 years to fulfill the promise made in 2010. Private sector employees did not at least even receive what state sector employees received. Some private institutions not even given the Rs.2500 increase which was proposed by the government. Those who increase Rs.2500 did so by slashing other benefits in the pay package.

Estate workers only receive a daily pay of Rs.530. They are living in very poor conditions where their children and suffer from malnutrition.

Years following 2010 has deteriorated the living conditions of the general public due to ever rising cost of living. Goods and services continue to increase in prices while value of the Rupee is depreciated over time further fuelling price rises and leaving real money value keep falling.

Colombo Consumers Price index of which base year is 2007 has indicate cost of one family as Rs. 39,272 in 2010. Then in 2018 the index has risen to £74,187 of which base year was year 2013. So comparatively average family require additional Rs.34,915 compare to 2010. We emphasis government need to consider pay rises compared to the living cost increase since 2010. Therefore we demand at least  a basic pay rise to public, private and estate sectors.