Joint Opposition Obstruct 16 Clique Plans !


Some MPs in the joint opposition suspects that the 16 member clique is planning to divide the joint opposition to fulfil their political aspirations. Gampaha district MP Prasanna Ranatunge commented this at Udugampola recently. Parlimentarian stated that only after the recent election results having been in the government for three years 16 member clique has realised that Mahinda Rajapakse should be instated as the Prime Minister. He further said opinions of the clique regarding the next presidential candidate is not very important and it will be decided by Mahinda Rajapakse at the right time.

Meanwhile Kalutara district parliamentarian Kumara Welgama also expressed his dissatisfaction regarding the clique by accusing them of being still accepted president Maithripala as the leader of SLFP and they are still holding onto SLFP portfolios. He further said the majority of the clique want to bring president Maithripala back into the presidential election race. Welgama also stated that their double game would not work and if they wish to support the joint opposition they must be willing to support the candidate nominated by Mr Mahinda Rajapakse.