Our wish is Mahinda to Nominate a Presidential Candidate – Dilan Perera


Former Minister Dilan Perera states that 90% of the duty to nominate a candidate for the Presidential election is in Mahinda’s hand, and therefore, he aims to strengthen Mahinda.
Speaking at a media briefing held at his residence on the 11th Dilan Perera said that he is waiting as he was requested for the Former president to nominate a candidate. He also stated that it is a must to reunite the rest of the Maithree followers with Mahinda.
He further said that “But we do not have to stand for the presidential election 2020. Our 16 members think that Maithripala Sirisena should remain as the President while Mahinda Rajapakse is appointing as Prime Minister. It is a message to the others who are dreaming of becoming a prime minister. The Prime Minister should be Mahinda Rajapaksha not other than anyone else. It is the object of our team of 16 that to motivate Maithripala Sirisena while he is in power as the President. “

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