16 Ministers Defected to Opposition Meets Gota


Media sources reports that 16 SLFP ministers who defected to opposition from the National government are to meet Gotabaya Rajapakse.
It was revealed that the main purpose of the meeting is to discuss their political future in line with the recent political developments taking place in the country. 16 member team initially cross over to opposition with the aim of appointing a new Prime minister or a set a SLFP government. Having failed to accomplish the prime motive defectors started to organise public meetings to promote and place their political aspirations in the ongoing power struggle. It looks like they are trying to come to an agreement with Gotabaya while in a agreement with Mahinda already. While at the same time there is a considerable consent among joint opposition regarding the next presidential candidate being Gotabaya there is also a rift among the joint opposition who should be the next candidate. While one section backs Gota others propose Mahinda or Chamal’s name for the presidential election candidature. All these power hungry dramas taking place between Mahinda, Gota, Ranil, Maithree and 16 defectors while ordinary people undergo their day to day living struggle. No one pay any attention to socio economic issues face by the masses and they need to fight for their own rights.
However, media co-ordinator to Gotabhaya Rajapaksha announced that no discussion or meeting what so ever is scheduled with the 16 dissidents of the government.

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