SAITM Gunman Arrested!


Former Chief Executive Officer of SAITM, Sameera Senarathna who allegedly arranged a drama to shoot his own car was arrested on the 9th June 2018.
Sameera Senarathna was a close associate of the SAITM owner Nevil Fernando was sacked from the institute after this incident. In 2017, the Inter University Students Federation along with some political parties and peoples’ movements started a massive protest campaigns against SAITM for awarding Medical Degrees for money and jeopardizing the system of free education. Sameera Senarathna had staged this shooting drama on the 6th February 2017 with the intention of bringing a black patch to the peoples’ struggle demanding to abolish SAITM. It was a pre-meditated incident and the CEO escaped unhurt. A case has been filed against him in order to investigate the matter and he had been remanded till June 14 2018.

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