Rs.3760 Millions Casino Tax Still Not Paid !

The investigation done by the Department of Auditor General revealed that, 3760 Million Rupees of casino tax have not been received from the owners and they are not even mentioned in the uncharged accounts.
There are 4000 Million Rupees that should be charged from the casino, but only 240 Million  Rupees have been reported to charge. The normal process of the tax system in Sri Lanka is, direct tax is 12% and indirect tax is 88%. Those 88% of indirect tax charged from the normal people and 12% of direct tax is charged from the business people.
What happens when the business people evade from paying their tax is, the normal day to day struggling people have to pay both their tax and the business people’s tax. The pathetic condition is, the new government as well as the last governments contrive to introduce number of laws and acts in order to charge the day to day taxes from the normal people, while those governments showing biased for the acute businessmen to charge the tax from them . Therefore all the burdens falling down to the day to day struggling people eventually.

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