Repetition of Extrajudicial Killings, Continues Under So-Called “Yahapalanaya”


An unexpected repetition of the method of extrajudicial killing, used by Rajapaksha regime is continuing, the latest is underworld suspects being victims of the exchange of gunfire.

Yesterday(9), Police reports revealed that 2 youths, accused of being members of the gang run by an underworld leader named Makandura Madush, were killed by Special task Force during an operation to arrest them. During the recent weeks several suspects were killed when the police engaged in operations to arrest them. This is the story repeated during the Rajapaksha regime when Gotabhaya Rajapaksha was secretary to the Ministry of Defense. A strange development of the same practice could be traced during the present regime when two major political parties joined in a so-called Yahapalanaya. The thing to worry here is not just the repetition of apparent repression on the underworld groups, but the silence of society, a consent for murder. What they do not understand is that every single member of society would eventually become victims of these guns, if a proper justice system not restored with the capitalist methods of repression.