Environmentalists Who Fought Against the Pollution by D.S.I. Factory are Being Targeted 


The DSI factory in Bogahagoda  is to be closed down this year due to  environmental damage caused by its functioning.  This was as a result of a struggle by the members of environmental organisations who identified the massive harm to the environment.

However it is revealed that those environmental activists are now being targeted by the rulers.  This was revealed when a young man from Bohagoda was arrested by police on false charges last Wednesday the 6th.

Police has blocked the road for the youth, J K.Asanka Dinesh, while he was in his trishaw around 9.30am. They attempted to arrest the youth on charges of the fire that broke out at a Bogahagoda rubber factory. He was then instructed to attend the police for questioning.

The youth was then questioned at the police about if he has connections with Bogahagoda Enviornmental activists groups. He had mentioned that he is not a member of such groups.

The police had mentioned that they have the authority to arrest the people who engaged in Bogahagoda environmental protests for arbitrary reasons. It is also suspected that an employee who is under arrest in relation to the factory fire has been used as a witness by the police.

DSI factory management was previously under allegation over providing bribes to various institutions and police personnel to suppress opposition to this environmental issue caused by the factory.

After a number of years of a row over the environmental damage caused by the factory, its case was settled in the past when it was agreed that this factory will be shut down at the end of this year.

However, it is believed that a conspiratorial program is being implemented through the police to keep the factory functioning further.