Young Children are Still at Risk from the Viral Flu in the South!


Director of the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital, Dr Jayampathi Senarathne says that the health authorities are on the process of taking special steps to face the viral flu which is still spreading rapidly after the 14 death of children in the Southern region.
As a measure, the health authorities have taken steps to expand the Karapitiya Teaching Hospital’s Children’s Intensive Care Unit, which has so far been requested.
It has been reported that 48 children who suspected of having said the virus is treating in the hospital at present. It is also reported that there is a decrease in the number of patients who come to Karapitiya Hospital due to this illness. However, there is a possibility of spreading the virus among children due to the current weather conditions in the Southern Province, said Matara District Health Services Director, ADU Karunarathne.
The number of elderly patients has become smaller, but the number of children is not reduced said the director. The most recent deaths due to the disease were recorded from Matara – Thihagoda, Komangoda and Karagoda Uyangoda.