Unemployed Youth have No Other Way than Fighting Against the Rulers- Ven. Thanne Gnanananda Thero.


Although the graduates over 35 years old have been promised to be recruited for government vacancies, the joint government haven’t taken any action so far. The unemployed graduates have participated yet another protest in Colombo on Friday the 24th in the midst of heavy rains.
The government has not taken any decision to resolve the issues despite continuing requests made by the unemployed graduates. Therefore, the representatives of the Unemployed Graduates Association went to the Ministry of National Policy and Economic Affairs to meet the Ministry’s secretary’s to discuss the matter further. They have been told that the graduates will be recruited for a probational training after the 2nd of July, however, surprisingly they haven’t had any decision taken about the graduates over 35 years old.
Accordingly, Ven. Gnanananda Thero, the convenor of the United Unemployed Graduates Association, has stated that they have decided to hold a protest in June demanding employment for all unemployed graduates.
Although the minister of education says that they have 25000 teacher vacancies, unemployed graduates have to fight for jobs on streets. Gnanananda Thero says that there is no other way but fighting to get jobs and to win the rights of workers because of the government’s lack of proper planning or desire to resolve the problems of younger generation, especially of unemployed graduates.