Oppose the Selling Education Using Kothalawala Defense Academy Act – IUSF Demand SLMC


The Inter University Students Federation (IUSF) claim that the solutions were given by the government with a cabinet paper to solve the SAITM issues cannot be accepted, and even the solutions do not fit to the SAITM Students.

Writing to the Chairman of Sri Lanka Medical Council Professor Colvin Gunaratne, IUSF requests to oppose the cabinet decision as it moves towards the privatisation of Education in the country.IUSF Convener Lahiru Weerasekara sent copies of the letter to the media as well. The letter is as follows;


Prof. Colvin Gunarathne

Chairman, Sri Lanka Medical Council

Dear Sir,

The Cabinet paper which allows SAITM students to enter the Kotelawala Defense University. 

The government has failed to make a final solution for the SAITM medical college issue yet, and they have only proposed to re-enrol SAITM students to the Kotalawala Defense University. However, there is a problem with the facts presented in the cabinet decision. We, as a student movement objected to the SAITM as it leads to the privatisation of education and health in the country. We have repeatedly been requested not to approve the SAITM medical degree since it creates an opportunity to sell the education. Then it allows other private universities of the country to sell the education as well.  There is a hidden agenda behind all the solutions which the government propose to bring justice for the SAITM  students. The proposal for the enrolment of  SAITM students at Kothalawala defence University also a hidden agenda.  According to this Cabinet paper, testing and making measures for admitting students to Kothalawala has to be done by the Governing Board of the Kotelawela Defense University. However, the Governing Board of the Kotelawala Defense University consists with high ranking officials of forces. Accordingly, the decisions regarding the courses and examinations are conducted by the Army officials. Is it not a severe problem?
There was a lot of controversy over the enrolling and educational programme at SAITM. Therefore, during the admission process and when the graduating the students, qualifications should be checked. This should be done by the expertise in the subject such as lecturers, Doctors and consultants. In such a situation, it is clear that the Medical Council should not agree to the Cabinet decision. As a responsible institution for measuring the standard of medical studies, medical Council cannot be ignored this situation. There is another serious issue in the gazette notification. The new act namely Kotelawala defence University Act has not tabled in the Parliament on a temporary basis. Therefore, It is clear that the bill could be re-submitted sooner or later. But this Act does not come under the University Act, the University Grants Commission, the Ministry of Higher Education, or any other structure, including the Medical Council of Sri Lanka. However, it will come through a military crackdown to sell the education.  The Act comes with military power. In the event of approving the Cabinet paper by the Sri Lanka Medical Council,  it will be a foundation to sell the education. Then the government also takes this opportunity to bring in the new Act of Kotalawala.  As a student’s movement, we urge you to disagree with this Cabinet paper as it leads to selling the education in Sri Lanka.

Thank you.


Lahiru Weerasekara – Convener of IUSF

Cc:All the Medical Council members

.All media institutions