UNP Back Bench Parliamentarians are Independently Organized! 


It is reported that a group of UNP backbenchers have decided to act independently due to they being deceived by the leadership continuously.  The continuous failure of the government has created a situation that they can not even go to the villages, UNP MP Chaminda Wijesiri has mentioned.

According to Mr. Wijesiri, about 30 UNP MPs are preparing to sit in the back benches of the parliament as a separate group.

Apparently the main reason for this decision was that the leadership calling of disciplinary inquiry into allegations made by Hirunika Premachandra who had recently stated in a media briefing that Ranil Wickremesinghe should be a Patron and should resign from the leadership.

He further stated that, in a situation where 16 members of the SLFP resign to join the opposition,  they would request to be allowed to criticize this government independently as backbenchers.

The government’s fame is fading away from the people, popularity coming to an end. In a situation that Minsters, who had raised their hands to oppose the government’s acts, cannot even be held responsible for the justice anymore, the government is continuing to deceive the public.

Since 1994, there’s has been many groups of such bank-benchers who later even accepted the ministerial posts of the same political party following the same political strategy.

These jokers, who are people’s representatives in the parliament, do offer a variety of roles to support the corrupted  government, rather than serving the purposes of the people. They do not open the way for a favorable politics to the public.

Until such time that the people are organised by themselves to unveil their own political path, they have to be deceived by such fraudulent attempts by the government.