Millions Spent to Renovate Rosy’ Official Toilet!


The Colombo Municipal Council has approved 5.7 millions for the renovation of the Colombo Mayoress’ official residential toilet .
Before this, the former Colombo Mayor A.J.M Mussammil had spent more than 100 milluons for renovating the same toilet 4 years ago. But, according to Rosy Senanayake, she vehemently denies to go to dwell in to this official residence until the toilet renovation is completed. Her baseless explanation is that, this toilet has not been used for 4 years, that is why it needs to be renovated by spending 5.7 milluons people’s tax money.
Eventhough, Rosy’s toilet renovations are costing 5.7 millions, a middle class house toilet can be built by spending only 3 lacs. That means, by using the total expenditure of Rosy’s toilet, the common people’s sanitary facilities should have been uplifted. But unfortunately, no any discussion is held about it.
Without even the minimum facilities, the Colombo Municipal Council charges 20/= per person for the toilet usage. Collecting these money from the common people, finally goes to renovate toilets like Rosy’s. It is clearly the mis-use of government’s money, nothing else.