Gota’s Wonderful Advises on Economic Affairs!


Sri Lankan industrialist should be safeguarded from monopolies while foreign investors’ legal rights are protected.
This was stated by former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse addressing an annual conference organised by ”Viyathmaga” at Shangri La hotel in Colomco apperently to promote political image of the ex-secretary.
He pointed out that administrative bureaucracy need to be cleared of while not paving the way for a market monopoly.
He further stated investors should be encouraged and their legal rights protected while safeguarding the local enterprenuers’ business.
Gotabaya has won Colombo middle class appreciation for the work he carried out while being in charge of Colombo City Development Authority and of the different nationalist for the the position he held when civil war was finnaly ended in 2009.
But can his contradictory remarks on capitalist economy be accepted? They are not compatible with each other. They can not move forward hand in hand. Capitalist strategy of providing tax concessions and bringing in laws to deprive workers right to attract foreign investments is 40 years old. Attracting foreign investors and protecting local businesses cannot done simultaneously. You chose either foreign or local investments. His remarks are mere repetition of the same old failed economic liberalization path. This has proven wrong. He has not anything new to produce. This is just to blown his image and trying to forget his role in the previous government.