We Are Still At North To Stop Drugs Dealings And Human Traficking.

The Army commander Mashes Senanayake says that the army forces have still been located in number of camps around North with an eye to stop human smuggling and drugs dealings.
He further commented for the interview with the Indian “Hindu” news paper, ” The government has re-started the development projects which went to a standstill because of 30years civil war. Now, after 9 years of the war, the Army forces are having experience to work with the people. Therefore the Army forces must be there to help civilians.
Even after 9 years of the war, the expropriated lands from the people, have not been handed over  to the civilians. People still protesting for that. The Army commander has not mentioned anything about the complains from the people regarding the army personals’ molastations specially to the women.
The answers that Army chief gave to this interview reflects that he does not seem to have enough sense about the adversities people encountering because of the Army forces of the North.

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