Private Bus Owners’ Strike for not Enough Bus Fare Hike has Suspended!


Private bus owners associations was going to have a continuous strike due to the fact that the government is not agreeing to increase the expected bus fares in line with the fuel price hike.
Inter-Provincial Bus Owners’ Association, All-Island Private Bus Owners’ Federation (AIPBOF) and Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) have decided to launch a strike protesting the decision taken by the Cabinet. The All-Island Private Bus Owners’ Federation was to launch a strike from midnight last night (16) demanding a 20% increase in bus fares and to raise the minimum fare to Rs 15.
Cabinet of Ministers, after meeting the Committee for the amendment of bus fares, has approved a 6.56% hike in fares responding to private bus owners’ associations request to raise bus fares by 15% -20%
However, private bus owners’ associations did not agree with the decision to increase the price by 6.5% and decided to have the strike to go ahead.
Having further discussions yesterday (16th), the Deputy Minister has agreed to a request made by the bus owners’ associations to increase the 6.5 percent fare revision up to 12.5 percent and increase the minimum fare to 12 rupees.
It is evident that the government has no other attempts in this regard other than attempting to hinder the situation by increasing the bus fares following the increase in fuel prices. The government is imposing heavy fines on the people putting more burden on them, but has no plans for sensible solutions.

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