Protests Against Removing of Glyphosate Ban !


Movement of Kidney disease prevention has held a protest on the 14th May at Battaramulla against the decision taken by the government to remove the glyphosate ban.

Kidney disease has become a disastrous disease in Sri Lanka, and the chemicals and toxins have already been identified as a major cause of the disease. The protestors demanded the government to withheld their decision of removing Glyphosate ban immediately.
Glyphsatom fertiliser was banned on 11 June 2015 by the Ranil-Maithree government saying that it would promote organic fertiliser around the country. However, responding to Monsanto multinational company the cabinet has approved to use Glyphosate on tea and rubber plantations on the 9th May. But the government said that they had been accepted the harmful fertiliser as a response to the farmer’s demands.
The researchers say that this fertiliser has been adversely affecting human health since the introduction of the Monsanto Multinational Company in the 1970s, with a high atomic bonding of N- (phosphonomethyl) Glycine] glyphosate, which has high toxicity chemicals (C3H8NO5P). By now, it has been tested in a number of countries around the world, and the harmful fact is confirmed.
It is clear that the government is working to please multi-national companies by breaking people’s promise of reducing the use of these harmful substances.

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