Fisher-folks Protest Against Fuel Price Hike !


It is reported that the fishermen in Hambantota were blocking Hambantota-Tangalle main road yesterday (13th) and protesting against the increased fuel prices.

They said that they had been risked with a massive increase in the prices of kerosene oil by Rs. 57 from Rs.44 to Rs.101. They were forced to demand the government to withdraw the decision of the price increment.

When the fuel price was raised during the Rajapakshe government in February 2012; Fisherman Anthony Francis fought against the increased fuel price was shot to death. The present joint government came into power while they were taking advantage of these circumstances, but they also manipulate the public with goods and services that are being used by the majority of oppressed people.

Apparently, it is clear that the people cannot gain any social benefits with changing governments unless changing the whole system.

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