Stop Plans To Sell Medical Education Through the Kotalawala Defense Academy ! -ACGMOA

The All Ceylon Medical Officers’ Association held a media conference to express their protest for continuing the private medical education by sending Saitm students in to the Kotalawala Defense Academy .
The chairperson of the association, Dr.Gishantha Dissanayake says that, ” the government excepted the illegality  of the SAITM and promised to take steps to abolish it . But again, they try to continue the private medical education by sending SAITM students in to the KDA. The government clearly violating the number 68 of 1981 Act. The government trying to continue the KDA which is not responsible for the U.G.C or for the higher educational ministry by introducing the new Act. According to this new Act, even medical council is not in a position to intervene for the KDA. Since 1981, the government has been trying to sell the medical degree but the students and the people of this country defeated that attempt coming down to the streets . Now this is the new strategy of the government to sell the medical degree. They are using the military power to achieve their target . If a new university is started, there should be a vice chancellor and a governing council . The members of them, should be holding  standard knowledge and  qualifications for that . But this KDA vice chancellor and the council members are officers of the defense ministry . One of them is a subject related secretary of the defense minister . And the second one is, additional secretary of the defense ministry . The third one is, staff head of the defense ministry . The next is the Army chief then the Navy chief and the Airforce  chief .
The vice chancellor to be nominated from the senior officer from Navy, Airforce or from the Army . This is how the KDA university council to be established . This university can work together with any universities or institutions that offer the degrees . Some of the universities in the world are not excepted by the Sri Lanka Medical Council because of they have not fulfilled some criteria of the medical council . Now this KDA can do the collaborations with those universities to except their degrees without medical councils’ approval . This is very dangerous situation .
Finally the main power holder of this KDA university is the defense minister . According to the normal procedure of the University Grants Commission, even the higher educational minister can not hold the main power . He can only guide the process, but according to the new Act, the defense minister acquires the full power of the university . This is nothing but a totally privatised institution”

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