President Orders to Approve Coal Power Station Projcts !


The President has sent a letter to the public utilities commission requesting to grant permission for the coal power plants. Due to such President orders, the independent working of the Public Utilities Commission is beingPresident orders to permit Coal Power station.

President made this order following a request by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CEM). The CEM has been established to make recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers on implementation of projects concerning economic affairs, investments and economic development of the country.

However, public utilities commission has rejected the proposal saying that due to president’s environmental policies, they cannot approve such coal power projects, which harm the environment. The Public Utilities Commission was then told that the President did not make such a policy statement.

During 2015 presidential election campaign, Maithripala Sirisena criticised the Norochcholai power plant highlighting it’s damage to the environment and has said that he would not allow such coal power plants.

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