Police Violate Court Orders by Obstructing the Students’ Peaceful Protest March ! 


The Court issued an order to carry on the peaceful protest march against SAITM organised by the Inter University Students’ Federation and the Medical Faculty student Activists Committee peacefully. However, the Police have attacked the crowd using tear gas and high pressure water jets near Colombo Ward Place violating the court rulings.

The walk has started at the university of Kelaniya during midday yesterday, made its way along Kandy-Colombo Road to Peliyagoda, Maradana and then reached the Ward Place near Colombo Town Hall. The students have obtained a court order for the protest due to the objections by police. The protestors staged a protest outside the Ward Place, where police had deployed the heavy barricades obstructing the march going forward. This time police have used tear gas and high pressure water jets to remove the crowd from the place where the traffic was building up in the evening.

Convener of Inter University Students Federation Lahiru Weerasekara and the convener of the Medical Students’ Federation of Students Action Committee Ryan Jayalath, who had been able to hold a peaceful and legitimate protest march as permitted by a court order, also prevented obstructing the public and the vehicles as being instructed. In addition, the order issued by the judiciary states that they should not forcibly enter the Presidential Secretariat and other public offices.

However, the police have blocked the roads and obstructed the protests despite the court order to continue the protests by abolishing the rights of the protest.

The eyewitnesses say that the police released a fierce attack on the students who protested according to the the court order.