President’s Strategy In-Vain, 16 Ministers Seated in Opposition !

Bearing the responsibilities of portfolios of 3 years, the 16 ministers who voted against the Prime minister in the last low confidence motion, were seated in the opposition side in the parliament yesterday (8).
In the face of the condition in which, those 16 ministers would have sit in the opposition on last 19th of April. The President postponed the parliament on 15th April by issuing an urgent gazette. Until the next session to be commenced, the President was in the throes of attempting to induce the 16 ministers in to his side.
However despite the all attempts the President made, those 16 ministers went for sitting in to the oppsition as they early discussed .
As a result of the postponement of the parliament, quite a few acts including auditor act, had to be withdrawn from the schedule of the parliament .