S.B. Appears To Be Antagonistic Over The Issue Of Central Bank To Take Over Samurdhi Bank !

Former Samurdhi minister S.B.Dissanayake says that he can’t approve the idea of handing-over Samurdhi Bank to the Central Bank at all. He is arguing that , according to the “Samurdhi Act”, there should be two third of majority power from the parliament in the event of any sort of changes.
He commented these ideas as a reply for the Prime Minister when the PM expresses that he is going to get the necessary steps to take over Samurdhi Bank under the Central Bank. The Prime Minister stated this idea when he was addressing the May Day rally on the 6th of May at Sugathadasa Stadium .
Under the Chandrika Bandaranaike government , SB Dissanayake acted as the Samurddhi Minister but later he was accused of “Samurdhi Fund” fraud to build a luxury mansion at Haguranketha area.