“Catch The Old Thieves-Catch The New Thieves” -U.N.P Chanting the Same Mantra Again.


The State minister Ajith P Perera says that they going to punish for the old thieves as well as new thieves by stablishing the trio of corruption highcourt.
He further addressing their May Day rally meeting held on 6th of May, “when we came to the power, there was a huge corruption occured in the Central bank. That caused very inconvenience for our party and our goverment. Therefore we going to stablish high courts to hear the corruption cases on daily basis.
After 2015 Presidential election and the parliament election, this shared-government came to the power by showing the banner of “Catching The Thieves”. But they haven’t fullfilled that promise since 2015. As a result of that, the U.N.P faced downward in the local government election . According to Ajith P Perera’s speech, it is very clear that they are going to use that slogan again for cheating the people .