Antonio Guterres’s Staff Start Strike, UN Staff Union Action Spreads


Staff of UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s office have stated a work stoppage even after his threatening that the union action announced is against regulations they have to abide with.

General Secretary’s delivered a speech with self promoting content at  Human Rights Council’s 37th session, However, few hours after that his staff there began a work stoppage. The strike action was called with a vote to decide. The vote was set for March 15 suggesting a strike action – and Guterres’ head of UN Geneva issued a renewed threat, which the staff unions say is contrary to international law. Over 89% of UN staff have voted to strike, and a letter went to Gutierres opposing his administration’s threat made before the vote. The reason of strike was to oppose the continuing degradation of pay and conditions, the policy of austerity at the UN, and the arbitrary fashion in which our conditions of work are being determined. Strikes are being prepared at the UN in Geneva and Bangkok, at the ILO, UNEP and possibly at the WHO. This would be the UN’s first ever global strike.