The President’s Secretary Headed the Discussion for the Censorship of the Face Book.


The Discussion between the President’s secretary and the visited Face Book company representatives, regarding the control and scrutiny of this web site before censoring.
The government recently prohibited the social media websites, accusing those social media sites causing to increase the belligerence one ethnic group to another by exchanging the gossip news through them. This prohibition was actually based on the belligerence occurred the vicinity of Kandy recently. Even the emergency law had been imposed since 6th of March for 10 days.
Anyway the government was continuing to contemplate the necessity of censoring the Face Book. As soon as the Face Book censored, the FB company expressing their ideas that, they would possess the series of policies towards racism and the ethnic violence therefore the FB company would like to work together with the Sri Lankan government to carry out a mechanism to curb such stenches of antipathy anti ethnic gossips emanating through the FaceBook.
However the government hinted that they have an idea of censoring the Face Book even for the election period.