Facebook Team Coming to Assist Authorities for the Purpose of Censoring Content !


Joint government has received a gateway to control and blockade of social media sites in the long using the reasons of suppressing hate content spread through the social networking sites.
The ban on social networking sites such as Facebook is likely to be removed on Friday (16), says Minister of Telecommunication and Digital Infrastructure Harin Fernando. However, Govt plans to reach an agreement with foreign specialists and social networking companies for a long-term program to restrict social networks. Some Facebook company representatives are due to arrive in the island on the 15th before the banning on the 16th.
The Telecommunications Regulatory Commission decided to block access to these websites to prevent racist and religious claims from spreading through social networks, parallel to racist violence in Kandy.
By now various people who are expressing protest about continuing the blockade of social media websites. Therefore, measures have to be taken to remove these obstacles, the minister said.
Social networking was the most prominent embarrassment for the rulers in recent years. The fact that during the Mahinda Rajapakse regime, which made it’s number one opponent as mass media, administered methods to screen social networks too. Facebook became one of the worst nuisance on their point of view and therefore, they got a service from information technology specialists from China to handle in the Presidential Media Division. But Ranil –Maithrei coalition campaigned against media repression, suppression of information technology, and carried out a massive media campaign to ensure media freedom in the country.
But when it came to power, the Social Media was venomous to the Government. The racist propaganda has remained mostly same as for three years, but the government is now using Teldeniya violence incident as a shield to suppress social media websites.
If the civilians do not understand and respond to the government’s preparation on hunting down the social media by imposing emergency laws, the public undoubtedly would have to remain silent on the government’s future undemocratic means.