Social Networks to be Screened in the Guise of Suppressing Racism!


The government has decided to intervene on social media by sheltering racist propaganda. Further, they have decided to provide training related technology to control social media to the officials of the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. For that purpose the attention has drawn on the techniques used by Germany and Philippines.
Moreover, the government has planned extensive research on the methods that China has carried out for long-term social media suppression as the Chinese government also agreed to offer advice.
Calling for information technology experts during the past Rajapaksha regime, they have found out the individuals and organisations involved againes the Rajapaksha administration. During the Rajapaksha regime, Media was obstructed when mass opposition developed. However, they did not block social networks.
The pioneering slogan used by the present government in the election was to defeat the media restraint and the freedom of expression. The government said that they would remove the ban on Facebook and other social media sites as soon as the situation is controllable in several areas including Kandy,  but it is no longer a secret that the government is going to get upper hand in controlling social networks with the support of foreign experts.