Facebook Company Express Concern on Social Media Blockade !


Facebook Corporation has responding to the social media blockade in Sri Lanka has insisted that it has a policy on hate speech that could instigate violence.

The administrators of world’s most popular website has also stated that it will seek the assistance of the Government and NGOs to identify and remove the content referred to as ‘hate speech’. After the use of social media by the racist hatemongers, Lankan authorities blocked social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and Imo. Later, the Criminal Investigation Department arrested several users following investigations conducted by police and the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. One schoolboy attached to a leading school in Colombo was remanded until the 26th of March when he was produced before Colombo Chief Magistrate. Earlier, two school students had been sent to Makola Detention Center after they were produced before Court.

According to sources of TRC reveals that the Social media sites which were temporarily blocked last Wednesday likely to be lifted by tomorrow.