A Total of 230 Persons Arrested as Suspects During the Weeks of Racist Violence !


161 persons who are suspected to be responsible for racial violence in Kandy during the recent past, have been arrested, police says. The police said that 69 persons were also arrested outside Kandy district, and that further investigations and arrests will be taken take place.

On February 22, four suspects were arrested for assaulting and making fatal injuries to a driver. Thereafter, violence were reported in the Teldeniya area and 24 more were seized. At the same time, the night time curfew was implemented in Mahanuwara District and a state of emergency was declared throughout the country. As a result of the violence, two people have been killed since then. Police  have also discovered  hidden petrol bombs.

A person who was suspected of leading racial violence during this time, named as Amith Weerasinghe was identified by the police. The government also stated that the social media was suspended through out the country with the intention of not allowing to spread the racial violence in the country.