Arjun Mahendran Aavoiding the Appearance Before the Courts!


It is very clear that Arjun Mahendran, the former governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka is avoiding the appearance in the courts.
The period of time granted to former Central Bank Governor, to appear before the Courts to submit his statement in relation to Central Bank Bond Scam, ended on the 9th March. The warrant was sent to his Singapore address ordering him to appear before the courts. As there was no proper response from his end the CID sent messages was sent to Singapore via an international courier service and through speed post and to his e-mail and the mobile phone informing about the warrant issued by the court. At the same time the CID informed his daughter too about the warrant issued by the courts. I f he is not avoiding the prosecution, he should have response to the notices of courts received to his given address and notified the change of address to relevant officials. So far he hasn’t informed about his change of address or reacted to any of the letters sent from the Sri Lankan courts. Later on he had passed a message via an agent attached to courier services that he would be back to his Singapore residence in the month of February. But he hasn’t returned yet. The legal experts say that a red notice should be issued to him in order to bring him to Sri Lanka. It is essential that the courts should take action against a person who is living abroad under the international law and issue him a red notice.