People Have Misused the Democratic Rights ‘Given’ – Duminda Dissanayake Talking Gibberish


The General Secretary of S.L.F.P and the AGricultural minister Duminda Dissanayake addressing a media conference at the party head office the day before yesterday (8), saying that, the government came to the power in 2015, gave people the democracy and the freedom but apparently they misused it and causing the state of hostilities.
Actually, in 2015, this government came to the power with the help of people’s protest regarding Rajapaksha regime’s corruptions and perpetrations. Students, workers, fishermen, university lecturers, journalist, artists and the other main forces of the masses fired up the struggle for expulsion of Rajapaksha regime. As a results of that, U.N.P and some part of S.L.F.Pers combined to defeat the Rajapaksha’s regime with the support of J.V.P.
After 3 years of establishing this coalition government, the leaders have forgotten who gave the power to them and why they were given the power. These leaders completely forgot that the people genuinely fought to the winning of the freedom and the democracy and they cunningly converted that advantage in to the votes by way of getting the power. They have been ruling the country since 2015 by maintaining not only the fraudulence, corruptions and racism but also the suppression.
The coalition government that govern the country through the corruptions from the begining, making boastful talks about the freedom and the democracy as if they gave it to the people as a special privilege.
Now, this is the high time for the people to understand that these so-called rulers are really untoxicated with the power.