The Veteran writer “Erawwala Nandhimithra” Passed Away.


The veteran litterateur Erawwala Nandhimithra has passed away yesterday (4) at his Erawwala residence, the family reported to the media.

He started his writing in his very younger age. In 1965, He introduced a collection of short stories then he was awarded for a lots of his novels such as “kaya misa sitha nethi dhana”.

Specially, Erawwala Nandhimithra intended to carry out customs of the reality for his literature and “Maldeniye Simiyon”, “Ganthera Theraniya”, “Suddho and Koimmenike”, “Sudukodhi”, “Padmawathi”, “Raththaran Nelummal”, “Senehelatha Menike”, “Ginisaya”, “Punchi Kumarihami”, “Gambadha Kalyani”, were among them. Later the novel of  “Maldeniye Simiyon” was selected for a movie.

He had distinct talents for the short stories literature and introduced new frames and methods fot the fictional literature.

He died at the age of 78. The funeral arrangements will be announced later, the family says.