The Government has to be Dissolved Before the Downfall of Local Government Election – Mahinda Rajapaksha 


Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa has demanded to dissolve the Parliament as the government is defeated at the local government election.

People’s displeasure with the government was depicted in the local government election as the practice of the government, and also the policies and measures taken by the government were no different from the Rajapaksha regime for the last three years. The former President claims that his party is the winner of the local government elections, and therefore the government has to go for a general election. By making this statement based on the election results, it is clear that the former president’s hunger for coming back to power.Although he would return to power, he had not proposed an alternative path to the present government. Further, former President has not clarified why they should be appointed by the people again for the next step of neoliberal capitalism.

At the same time, Mahinda Rajapakse did not explain the reasons to dissolve the parliament within three years, which people vote for five years.