Udayanga cannot be Fetched back to Lanka as no adequate Legal Procedures have been taken Yet !


Although it was announced that the government officials are working on arresting Former Russian Ambassador Udayanga Weeratunge, there is no appropriate legal steps have been taken yet to inform the Interpolice and foreign countries. Therefore it is indecisive that arresting him and fetch him back for punish his wrongdoing.                              A group of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Attorney General’s Department and Financial Crimes Investigation Division left to exile the former Russian ambassador to Sri Lanka. However, he has been released from custody under the UAE Law. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Sri Lankan officials are currently negotiating with relevant authorities in the UAE in this regards.

The government was engaging in a political game and started to hunt Rajapaksha gang. Therefore, Udayanga managed to escape from Sri Lankan Courts as the government had the least attention in this matter.

The Sri Lankan embassy in Abu Dhabi has obtained the services of lawyers in the United Arab Emirates who have special knowledge of immigration matters. Former Ukraine and Russian Embassidor Udayanga Weerathunga have been accused of involvement in misusing public funds, which amount to about 7.833 million US dollars. He is presently evading an arrest warrant issued by the Colombo Magistrate’s Court on 20 October 2016 regarding the investigations on allegations of money laundering and buying MIG aircraft. However, currently, the authorities have taken action under ‘Blue Notice’ issued by the international police’s branch in Sri Lanka.

While attempting to leave the United States on February 4, 2018, Weeratunga was arrested in the United Arab Emirates under a blue Notice issued by the International Police. If he went to the United States,  Sri Lanka would have been able to exile him as Sri Lanka has diplomatic agreements with the United States.

UAE Police are investigating the incident, and Udayanga Weeratunga has been stopped leave the United Arab Emirates until the investigation is over. Sri Lankan Police is not in a position to arrest him until the decision taken by the UAE law. The suspect has been sheltered due to this.