Ranil’s Batalanda to be Exposed, to Cover Mahinda’s Corruption !

Former Minister Bandula Gunawardena threatens to expose allegations against Ranil Wickremesinghe in Batalanda commission if the malpractices in Mahinda Rajapaksa’s era taken out discussion.
This can be seen as a panicked parliamentarians who are accused of misusing and defrauding public funds and property trying to cover each other’s infamous history.
It is very clear that these people are acting in front of the public covering all the corruption and malpractices thinking general public are mere fools.
Even though there has been vast amount of corruption prior to the last General election present government was unable to track and bring any individual before the law but keeping everything limited to commission reports.
Speaking at a media briefing held on Wednesday (7th), Bandula Gunawardena from pro Rajapakse party further stated that ” if UNP trying to attack Mahinda , We will have to get out the Batalanda Commission reports’ allegations against Ranil as a return”. He also stated that according to the commission report, Ranil has been directly related to the Batalanda torture chamber.