Dengue-Vaccine Possibly Linked to Three Deaths in Philippines !


The Philippines health authorities announced on last Saturday(3) that the anti-dengue vaccine “Dengvaxia” may be connected to three deaths in the country.

According to a government-ordered inquiry, and that the drug is not ready for mass immunisation.
The news revealed in November that Dengvaxia the world first dengue vaccine might increase the risk of severe disease in people who had fever been exposed to the virus.

The news prompted an uproar in the Philippines, where more than 700,000 school-age children had been vaccinated in 2016. The Philippine Health ministry halted Dengvaxia Immunisations in November.It formed 10-member panel of experts to determine if the drug was directly connected to the deaths of 14 children after were given the vaccine. They died of dengue even though they were given Dengvaxia. Dengvaxia is not ready for mass vaccinations and we would need three to five years to watch and monitor if there would be adverse reactions from the vaccine. Mosquito-born dengue is the world’s fastest-growing infectious disease, afflicting up to 100 million people worldwide, causing half a million life-threatening infections and killing about 20,000 people, mostly children, each year. The Philippine government spent 3.5 billion Pesos on the Dengvaxia programme to reduce the 200,000 dengue cases reported every year.