Election Commission Chairman’s Statement Reveals the Democracy Brought by the Commissions- Pubudu Jayagoda


According to Election Chairman, Postal voting is a must and if Public officials refrain from using the vote has to give explanations for not being voting, and they have to pay Rs 750 as expenses of the procedure. The Frontline Socialist Party (FLSP) says that the announcement of the Chairman of the Election Commission is a grave situation.
At a media conference held at the head office of the Frontline Socialist Party at Battaramulla this morning (5) Education Secretary Pubudu Jagoda express the party views; ‘’voting is a media that a person expresses his or her opinion according to their preference. Everyone has a right to vote on their own choice. Also, there should be a reason for saying that ‘I do not vote or I’m not going to vote’. Some people have own reasons for avoiding a vote. Due to health conditions, laziness or any other reasons may cause that. However, the vote is not mandatory at all. Democracy is a very extensive one, and it doesn’t say that the vote is compulsory. But Election is an only part of Democracy.
Musical melody generates with many elements, such as instruments, composer etc. The rulers want to confirm the public that the democracy represents only a vote. But mere elections do not represent the democracy same as a musical melody.
There was a period which the Governing bodies have brought ideas and methods to establish democratic rights. They thought the democracy of the country would establish with commissions. Has democracy been brought up by that commission now? The Chairman of the Election Commission has stated that what kind of democracy is received from the said commissions’’.