This Destruction Would Not Stop Despite Whoever Gets Our Votes – Pubudu Jayagoda


Educational Secretary of the Front Line Socialist Party, Pubudu Jayagoda said in the coming months, government is planning to bring a destructive policy which cuts all people’s rights. Their motive is to use election win as a justification of their policy. He stated these views at a public rally organised by the FLSP at Pannala.
He further stated that all political parties vying for power in this election are based on similar policies so none of the parties could resolve or find solutions to our problems. It will be only achieved by mobilising masses to a broader front who is capable of resisting and defeat such destructive policies by the oppressive governments.
At election rallies we only can hear the repetition of speeches made by everyone in the previous elections. They are revolving around to act against malpractice, corruption and fraudulent transactions. These are not our core issues. They are created by themselves. No one talk about our real issues. We can’t hear anyone talk about issues surrounding public transport, health and education, cost of living and fair prices for agricultural products.
Speaking at a public rally held in Pannala on February 1, the convener Pubudu Jayagoda further added:
“So how can you overcome this massive disruption? We needs a strong public movement. The people should be educated and organized. If we get organised without getting trapped into this election fraud, we will get energy to stop some of the destructive issues. But it is not enough. If this is to stop completely, you, working people including farmers and others, need to take control of state power. We say that Socialism is not a Red Party instead of Blue or Green Party. Socialism is people’s power. For this, there’s a task for a Party to do and we are committed to it.
It is not the right way if people are sitting down watching these political scandals. We request people to get on to the political stage. Please get on to this historical stage without being fooled by this political fraud. “