No Freedom to Ordinary People, But Government Issued a Commemorative Rs 1000 note to Celebrate Independence


The government has taken measures to issue a commemorative currency note to celebrate the 70th anniversary of gaining political freedom to the upper class in Sri Lanka in 1948.
Although the 70th anniversary of the Independence Day is being organised, there is nothing left for the ordinary people to celebrate. Government is however planning to spend the day in a ceremonial manner. For this purpose, a commemorative currency note for a sum of Rupees one thousand will also be issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This will be the 4th commemorative note issued by the Central Bank so far. On the front of the new note, Celebrating Diversity logo is appearing at the lower left corner of the note replacing the butterfly in the current note. Images of a Temple, Mosque, Tamil Kovil and a Church are appearing at the center of the note replacing the image of Ramboda Tunnel in the current circulating Rs. 1,000 currency note in 11th currency note series.
The commemorative currency note will be issued to circulation through Licensed Commercial Banks, commencing from 06.02.2018, Central Bank has announced.