What is Happening to Our Money? – Students Question Forgeries at Malambe “SLIIT” !


A student studying at SLIIT (Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology) accused the authorities at a concert held at the institute for increasing the course fee, uncertainty of the their money paid and revealed about forgeries taking place within the institute.

He said that the students had to pay a lot, for their studies while some other influential students go through their study period on scholarship basis with free of charge.  Having said that he came up to the stage and the authorities of the institute intervened into the matter along with the security officers and he was asked to leave the premises. He opposed and continued to express his views as it was his right.

He further revealed that the students are undergoing their studies with minimum facilities and if the institute is unable to maintain its quality of standard it will directly affect the standard of education of the students.  He revealed this bitter truth in the midst of distraction from the security officers.  He came out with the point depriving the right of the students to form student’s representatives or call for an election to establish students’ body.  The authorities have formed such a body for the sake under their influence.  When he said, this institute was established and maintained money from the public and it’s the prime responsibility and the duty of the students to safe guard the institute and direct it towards the correct path, there was big round of applause from the audience accepting his views and ideas.

However, after this accusation the authorities have decided to temporarily post pone the decision of increasing the course fee.