Misleading the Officers, Minister Rishard had given the Reserved Lands for His Henchmen  – Audit Revealed

According to the auditors report revelations, The rehabilitation and re-settlement minister of “Yahapalana” goverment, Mr. Rishard Baddudeen had divided 650 acres of Vilanthikulam reserved lands situated north from the Vilpattu National park, for his political supporters.
 In the District co-ordinating meeting which held on 5th of October 2017, Misleading the forest conversation Director General and the Mannar government Agent the minister had given these lands for his supporters. Actually before giving the lands he pretended that he is going to divide those lands to re-settle for those who displaced from the war.
However Mulali regional secretary who controls the relevant reservation area, explained to the investigation, conducted by the Auditor General office , By 04th of January 2017, houses have been built for 160 families and 127 families had been re-settled in those lands. The secretary further commented that another 137 houses were nearly built and there were 706 sectors of lands had been cleared.
 The auditor generals office is going to present their recommendation for the parliament that the re-settlement of the displaced people in the reserved lands is contradictory to the land laws of Sri-Lanka and better to supply another lands out of Vilanthikulam reservation for 20% of the people whom currently re-settled there.