There is No Chance for Corrupted People in the Local Government! – Lal Kantha

JVP says that there is no chance to win the election for the people who are corrupted on the February 10. 
Party politburo member Lal Kantha made this statement while addressing a meeting at Badulla. Both politicians and government officials were engaged in corrupted activities under previous election system, he further added. 
"During the amendments made to the  Local Government Elections System,  United National Party (UNP), Tamil National Alliance (TNA), Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and the Mahinda Rajapaksa government, joined hands with the JVP. All the deficiencies in the electoral system were settled when the bill was passed.", the leader of the JVP was publicly announced in Parliament. 
The   JVP is contesting for the local government election under the theme of ‘the power of eliminating Corruption.' However, the statement made by former MP Lal Kantha at the propaganda meeting is unsure as he declares only for the  JVP candidates or the whole number of candidates of 8567 representing all other political parties.