Organizers of the Protest March To Be Arrested ! – Police Media Spokesman.

The police media spokesman, SP Ruwan Gunasekara says that the police has already commenced the investigations in connection with the violation of the court orders and the election laws by the walking protest held on 25th against the Saitm.
He further commented that, the case was reported to the Nugegoda Magistrate and received the permission to check the electronic media scenery in order to identify the hardcore organizers to be apprehended.
 In January 25th, when this protest is organized, The police attempted number of times to make disturbances such as threatening to the allocated buses in which students come to Colombo, Students Organisations says. Furthermore, the police had tried to get a court order to stop the protest on that day.
However, the students’ leaders publicly expressed that, they are going to use the people’s right of democracy and even if the court issued the orders to stop the protest, those orders are out of the democracy. Anyway the court has not considered that, bearing an idea or a concept as well as right to the objection are in the constitution which is above the election laws.
When the police requests the order from the court, the effective factor is not given any time or a chance to give the explanations regarding the relevant matter.
Meanwhile, in the face of breaking the promises regarding the Saitm crisis  by the government, The Students movements have nothing left any alternatives but to continue to fight against it, the letter in which the Inter University Association sent to the President, says.